Friday, September 28, 2012


Working on some new illustrations just for fun today. Designing with my Etsy shop in mind (work) is what I do just about everyday, but sometimes you just have to play, you know?

I've been wanting to make some dinosaur images for awhile. Cute boy stuff can be few and far between sometimes! You may have read that I design with a loved one in mind. These are for my little dinosaur, James. (My six month old.) Here's what I came up with.

A sweet little dinosaur:

And a rough and tough dinosaur:

James can definitely be both, but he's mostly a sweet dinosaur these days. But I know by looking at my nephews that rough and tough will eventually win out. I guess that's ok, sniff!, as long as he never completely loses the sweet little dinosaur inside him.

Which do you like best? Better yet, now that they're here, what should I use them for?

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